Announcing Why Life is a Game of Inches

Life is a game of inches. Oh yes, you are either spiraling upwards in life or you are spiraling downwards. A book that really illustrates this is called the “slight edge”. In the book he describes how you can get on the success road in all areas of your life. In love, In your finances, in your health etc. It really is a powerful book

Do you know right now you are either becoming more prosperous or more broke. You are becoming healthier or you are becoming sicker. Your relationship is improving or its collapsing. The really important thing here is that you don’t notice these things today or maybe not even this year. If you are on the right road, it might take years for your dreams and goals to come to fruition. Its the same on the other track. One day if your not careful, you could wake up broke, fat and unhealthy, and alone. Why?, because you allowed the slight edge (inch by inch principle) to take effect in your life. You ate badly, you squandered your money, which inevitably lead to not attracting a mate. You never noticed anything, you thought all was fine all these years but the powers of the universe and nature have been working against you. Not all is lost though

Now the great thing is that you can step onto the success road of life anytime. You can have all that you want if you would just focus your mind on what you really want. That’s a really important question. What do you really want with your life?. You are going to get something, that’s a given so really ask yourself, what do you really want? When you really know the answer to this question, your life becomes far less complicated because you have created your life goal. Sit down today and ask yourself sincerely what it is that you really want out of your life. Its the most important question you will ever ask yourself.

Now read the following lines very carefully. All the worlds leaders in sport, literature, in business, etc, know exactly what they want. When you know what it is, you create this passion for your goal. You automatically become a leader because anyone with a passionate goal will never give up on it. This is what make leaders great. They go for their goals passionately and from this attract swarms of followers who support their quest.

So whether is business, sport or charity, find out what is your purpose in life. Mine is to help as many people as I can become financially free. Its a goal bigger than me and I know I will go to my grave doing the exact same thing. Find out yours and watch your life fall into place!

Traditional Sports in India

Wrestling: Pehlwani, Kusti or the modern wrestling is believed to have originated in ancient India. Temple carvings and ancient paintings depict the long history of wrestling in India. Ancient Hindu literature and texts such as Mahabharata and Ramayana mention it. A practitioner of this sports is referred to as the pehlwan. Rules of the wrestling vary geographically. It is the royal National sports of India. It is the contest in which the two persons grasp each other’s hand, with their elbows resting on the flat surface, the one who forces the others arm down to surface wins. Indian wresting is mostly popular in the northern part of India especially in Punjab, Haryana, and Delhi. The person who trains the pehlwan is known as Guru or Ustad. Wrestlings or Dangals are mostly held in villages. The competitors practice for years and build up their body. You can watch this traditional sports in one of the wresting tutelage called “Akhras’.

Boat Races in Kerala: One of the major attraction of the God’s Own Country’ are the boat races held in Kerala. A sport that signifies the excellent team spirit and the unity and among the people of Kerala. Snake boat race are held in connection with the harvest festival, Onam, in the month of August or September. These races are the most colorful event that draws the large number of National and International tourists. More than 30 elaborated crafted Chundan Vallams or snake boats participate in the event. The race is conducted on the stretch of 40 km from the hills to the low lying plains. The backwaters of Kerala comes alive during this festival as various cultural functions are organized. The snake boat races are preceded by the colorful parades which include 25 singers, and 100- 125 oarsmen. Some of the places famous for these races are Aranmula on the Pamba River in the Kuttanad region, Papiyad near Quilon, and Thayathangadi near Kottayam.

Camel races: Camel racing is the deep rooted traditional sports in Rajasthan. Camels are referred to as the ‘Ship of the Desert’. The camel races are fast gaining popularity as the visitors finds an opportunity to experience thrill unique camel event. The camels are decorated beautifully. The enchanting desert city comes to life with joyous music, lilting rhythms and gay festivities. Camel performances, camel tug war, camel acrobatics, camel dances and camel miking competition are a part of event. The desert festival of Jaisalmer, and camel festival of Bikaner are the interesting event to be part of the vibrant camel races.

Wrestling of the bulls in India Bull wrestling is more akin to comedy than to blood sport. Bulls are the fully grown up adults specially fed to increase their bulk further, and the sight of them wrestling one another would seem to promise some spectacular action. The bulls are decorated with garlands and their horns are painted. The bull wrestling is mostly famous in Chennai and Haryana.